What is bb ki vines??

What Is BB Ki Vines??

BB Ki Vines originally means Bhuvan Bam ki vines.Bhuvan Bam is the person who has started BB Ki Vines and all the characters are performed by himself only. It has been over a year Bhuvan Bam makes these vines and every youth has become his huge fan as he relevate most of the problems faced by youth these days but he got some awesome way dealing it.

BB Ki Vines is the Video series, which demonstrates the current youth scenario in a very funny way and the characters all played by Bhuvan Bam use Indian slangs to bring humour in the Video.

BB Ki Vines has a lot of Characters namely Bhuvan Bam (BB himself), Sameer Fudi, Banchod Das Chatriwala ( Bancho ), BB's Father, BB's Mother, Mr.Hola, Masterji, Banchod Das Chatriwala's Father, Mrs, Verma, Happy Naukar, Dr Sehgal.

Main Characters of BB Ki Vines:

  • Bhuvan Bam/BB - is the main character of bb ki vines and can be seen in all the videos.
  • Banchod Das Chatriwala - who is popularly know as Bancho and the word bancho can always be heard from him after every sentence. He is also the main character and best friend of BB.
  • Sameer Fudi - is the cousin of Banchod Das Chatriwala/bancho and is also a main character. He pronounces his name as ‘Fameer Fuddi’ as he has pronunciation problem and is very much inspired by his grandfather as His GrandFather Loves Fudi and he always uses this dialogue.
  • bb ki vines

  • BB's Father - BB's father is a common and a innocent man who always comes in word of Bhuvan.
  • BB's Mother - BB's mother is very cute and she always says "OKAY" in a very adorable way.
  • Mr.Hola - is a friend of bb's father and is a bad man who disturbs bb and his friends.
  • Mrs Verma - is a neighbour of bhuvan .
  • Masterji - is a teacher of bhuvan.


BB Ki Vines History:


BB ki vines was started over a year ago by Bhuvan Bam. The first video of BB Ki Vines was Bhai-Zoned Attyachaar which received over 50,000 views in its 1st week. After seeing such massive result bhuvan bam started making these kinds of videos.Bhuvan Bam was running other Youtube Channels since past 2 years prior to BB Ki Vines, but his first hit video of BB Ki Vines gave him the idea that people really like this type of content and he continuously produced a lot of Videos.

Today BB Ki Vines youtube channel has over 8,00,000 subscribers and facebook page has over 15,00,000 likes in a year. All of his videos are having more than 5,00,000 views on youtube. The Mr.Hola episodes are liked by everyone and have got a awesome number of views.

BB Ki Vines is gaining a huge popularity among the youth and its popularity is increasing day by day. Bhuvan Bam says, this has all become possible because of his original content production.

His complete content of BB Ki Vines is the creativity of his original thoughts and that is why people love watching BB Ki Vines.